2016 Community Impact Report

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We created our 2016 community impact report – Together We – to highlight the important work and progress made by The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations and our partners.

From grantee organizations to dedicated donors; from community affiliates to cross-sector collaborations – you have all played a part in creating a state where everyone can thrive. We invite you to take a moment and celebrate our shared accomplishments.

Together We

Build Community

Collaboration is at the heart of community. We believe communities are in the best position to articulate their own challenges and opportunities. When all stakeholders have a role in forming and informing new programs and initiatives, we build more complete and sustainable solutions to community issues.


Promote Equity

Our vision is a state where all communities and people can thrive. We also know Minnesota's communities are unique, each facing its own set of strengths and challenges. Whether communities struggle with racial, gender, income or other disparities, we are proud to partner with our neighbors and provide the tools and resources for every region to identify and address its own opportunity for growth.

Inspire Generosity

Donors are passionate about the health and well-being of their community. Every year, we are honored to work with thousands of donors as they fulfill their philanthropic goals. However donors choose to give, the Foundations are here to partner and provide support as they advocate for change.


The Report

Learn more about how The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations make a difference in our community.


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