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Creative Charitable Planning with Non-cash Assets with Bryan Clontz

Non-cash assets such as real estate, closely held stock and collectibles are estimated to be a $40-$60 trillion market; yet non-cash assets represent less than 2% of all charitable gifts.

How would you help a client who wants to donate farmland, mineral rights or a vacation home to their favorite nonprofits?

In this informative one-hour training, presenter Bryan Clontz, a leading expert on non-cash asset donations, shares how you can maximize your clients’ deductions through untapped assets such as real estate, privately held C corporations, S Corporations, LLCs and other unique assets.

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About the Presenter

Bryan Clontz, Ph.D., CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, CAP®, AEP®, RICP®, CBP, ChSNC®, is the founder and president of Charitable Solutions, LLC. Bryan has extensive experience in non-cash asset receipt and liquidation, gift annuity reinsurance brokerage, gift annuity risk management consulting, emergency assistance funds and cryptocurrency and life insurance appraisals and audits. He has given more than 2,000 presentations on charitable gift planning and community foundation topics.

Who We Are

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation is a community foundation that partners with wealth managers, CPAs and estate attorneys to help your clients reach their charitable goals.

Why Work With Us?

Partnering with us allows you to expand your practice by offering tailored, philanthropic services and advice. We build on your quality reputation to take care of your clients and ensure their unique charitable goals are realized through:

  • Personal guidance to help them define, plan and fulfill their philanthropic purpose.
  • Experience with complex assets.
  • A variety of investment options to help them plan for both today and the future.
  • Advice rooted in deep community relationships and knowledge of giving options.

We know how important your client relationships are to you. Together, we can map out the best plan to help your clients realize their charitable goals and plan for their future.