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WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU SUPPORT YOUR CLIENTS with their charitable giving and planned giving.

The resources below reflect the most common requests we receive from professional advisors. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us.

Guide to Non-cash Gifts

While cash is the most common charitable donation, your clients may not be aware of the advantages of donating other assets, such as life insurance or real estate. Explore the many types of gifts that your clients can donate to start or grow a fund, or download the materials to share with your clients.

Federal Tax ID Number

The Federal Tax ID Number/Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, Incorporated is 41-6031510.


101 Fifth Street East
Suite 2400
Saint Paul, MN 55101-1800

Bequest and Beneficiary Designation Language

Here is some sample language to include a gift in your client’s will. Please also contact a gift planner to establish a fund agreement with us and discuss your client’s specific situation. A fund agreement must be in place in addition to using this language to ensure that your client’s wishes are fulfilled.

I devise and bequeath $_______ or ___ percent of my gross estate as determined for federal estate tax purposes to the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, Incorporated (EIN: 41-6031510), to be held by it as a separate fund to be known as the _______________________ Fund (the “Fund”).

Charitable Fund Types & Fees

Donors choose to work with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation because they value the highest level of personal service as they identify and fulfill their charitable goals.

With a $25,000 gift, your clients can open a fund with us. We’ll work with you and your client to identify which fund best achieves their charitable goals.

Fund fees include administrative and investment fees. The following are the fee ranges:

  • Administrative Fees: .35% to 1.5% depending on the type of fund and fund balance
  • Investment Fees: .01% to .088% depending on your client’s fund investment recommendation

Please contact us for more information or a personalized quote.

Declaration of Intent for a Planned Gift

A declaration of intent is a simple way to indicate your client’s plan to leave a gift to the community. By informing us of this intent, your client will become a member of the Foundation’s North Star Society and receive special opportunities and recognition.

Planned Giving Illustrations

With our planned giving software, we can run illustrations on how different giving vehicles may have income and tax benefits for your clients. Contact us for an illustration on a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity.

Help Your Clients Donate Cryptocurrency

If you have clients looking to donate their cryptocurrency for charitable purposes, the Foundation can accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or many other kinds of cryptocurrency via the Giving Block. Contact us to determine if a gift of cryptocurrency is right for your client and establish their own donor advised fund (DAF) that can accept gifts of virtual currency.

Meet the Team

We are here to support your needs. Whether we work in the background or meet directly with you and your client, our expertise, tools and infrastructure can help enhance your client relationships. Reach out to one of our local team members, call 651.224.5463 or email us at

Tips, Advice and News for Professional Advisors

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