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Learn why attorney Abby Leach Schumaker partners with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation to help her clients fulfill their giving goals.

Abby Leach Schumaker has a strong relationship with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. As the owner and attorney of Leach Law, PLLC, in Albert Lea, she often partners with the Foundation to help her clients to find the best ways to make giving part of their estate plan.

“If you have a purpose, certain goals or an idea of what you want to do, the Foundation will fit your needs,” said Abby. “As a sole practitioner, any source of help I can get is always appreciated.”

At the Foundation, we work with attorneys like Abby, as well as wealth managers, financial advisors and CPAs to help clients support the causes and communities they care about the most. For Abby, these clients are primarily farmers. She often helps them transition land and equipment, be it from one generation to another or figuring out next steps when they don’t have family members interested in farming.

This can involve donating non-cash assets such as crops, equipment, and livestock, as well as real estate, which can provide some potential tax benefits.

“If we have a client who's very charitably inclined or just wants something to go to a cause they truly care about, there’s a peace of mind for them that it's actually going to go there working with the Foundation,” Abby said. “Knowing that it's exactly what they wanted, gives them that peace that they did the right thing with their money.”

Giving Through Estate Planning

As an estate planner she has had many conversations with clients about how they plan to give during their lifetime as well as after death. With the support of her dedicated gift planner, Abby has been able to help them establish giving plans, including setting up donor advised funds to support many of their favorite causes. Abby knows she has a trusted resource in the Foundation.

I don't know any other foundation or any other partner that I could work with that can do the same services. The Foundation has taken the time to look outside of the bigger communities and look at smaller communities.

Abby Leach Schumaker

Learn how we can better support you or your clients in their charitable giving. Contact one of our gift planners today! Call 651.224.5463.

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors regarding your individual situation before engaging in any transaction.

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