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This resource will help you identify and clarify your values, interests and charitable vision and then align them with your philanthropy.

The online donor toolkit is a unique resource we offer our donors. It has several modules to support your giving journey.

  • Craft Your Charitable Giving Vision

  • Family Philanthropy

  • Your Charitable Legacy

  • Your Giving Style

Craft Your Charitable Giving Vision

This month we will be focusing on how to craft your Charitable Vision Statement. This module helps you identify or refine your values and interests and then translate those into a charitable vision. Our Philanthropic Advisors have learned that many people know what they care about, but aren’t always sure how to articulate it. The online donor toolkit helps donors do just that.

If you have already crafted your giving vision, you can also use the tool to revisit your values and interests.

How It Works

Values are your most closely held beliefs. Most of us don’t spend a great deal of time talking about our values, but they are often reflected in our priorities and actions, particularly when we are faced with giving decisions. The first exercise helps you articulate your values and then determine which are the most precious to you.

In the second exercise, you identify your strongest interests. Identifying what you’re passionate about is a step toward determining where you might contribute your money, time or energy.

Finally, the module will help you translate the values and interests you identified into a charitable vision, which you can refine and use to guide your future giving,

Throughout the module, we also offer a variety of resources, including books, articles and video recommendations to support you as you think through your giving.

Click on the images below to see samples from the toolkit.

The Benefits

Once you have your charitable vision statement, you can use it to build or refine your giving plan. Your vision statement will not only guide you in achieving your charitable giving goals, but will allow your Philanthropic Advisor to work with you on the plan.

For example, if your charitable vision includes educating students, your Philanthropic Advisor can suggest nonprofits working in that area for you to consider or connect with.

Up Next

Next in this series, we will feature our Family Philanthropy module. Giving and community leadership are traits and values passed from generation to generation. This module will help you identify which family members and close friends you would like to include in your philanthropy and make a plan to engage them in giving together.

To learn more about the online donor toolkit or receive your personalized link to log in, contact your Philanthropic Advisor.

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