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Here are three ways you can improve the opportunity gap for Minnesota’s youth.

Danielle Grant

Minnesota’s youth tend to perform well compared to all other states on standardized test scores, graduation rates and college readiness.

Yet when it comes to measures by race and socioeconomic status, the state still has one of the largest achievement gaps in the nation, according to the Federal Reserve’s report, “A Statewide Crisis: Minnesota’s Education Achievement Gap.”1

Danielle Grant, president and CEO of Achieve Twin Cities (Formally Achieve Minneapolis), is addressing this issue head-on. Achieve Twin Cities expanded its work into Saint Paul, helping youth move from K-12 to post-secondary education.

“Primarily this is an opportunity gap where all youth aren’t getting the same support and resources across the Twin Cities, or in Minnesota,” said Danielle.

Watch our first episode of Corner Conversations with Chris Garner to learn what Achieve Twin Cities is doing to improve this gap, and what you can do too.

Inspired to Get Involved?

Here are three ways you can make a difference:

  1. Mentor a student or students. Share your career journey and insights with students as a career speaker, or represent your company or industry at a career fair.
  2. Give to local organizations that support youth. Make a gift or donation to organizations like Achieve Twin Cities to help youth have access to resources such as career and post-secondary education.
  3. Find opportunities to volunteer. Consider getting involved in local youth programs or initiatives such as a troop leader for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts or as a youth leader or coach.

More About Achieve Twin Cities

Achieve Twin Cities rallies community support and delivers best-in-class programs to inspire and equip young people in Minneapolis and Saint Paul for careers, college and life. Their vision is that all students have full and equitable access to postsecondary education and career opportunities, creating a more just and vibrant community.

They provide equity-focused career and college readiness services in more than 25 Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) and Saint Paul Public Schools high schools, connect students with career exploration opportunities through Step Up and Achieve College Internships, host EDTalks and other public education engagement events, and support MPS in securing grants and managing school funds, staff mini-grants and college scholarships.

Learn more about youth and education organizations we fund.

Corner Conversations feature individuals and nonprofits driving change in the East Metro and beyond by highlighting their work in connection to current topics and issues facing our communities and state.

1. Federal Reserve. “A Statewide Crisis: Minnesota’s Education Achievement Gap” (PDF)

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