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Check out our staff recommendations for articles and podcasts to stay on top of the CARES Act and Financial Advising.

Our expert team of gift planners work hard to stay on top of the latest news and trends when it comes to giving in order to provide you and your clients with the best resources. Here are just a few of their favorite articles on the CARES Act.


Investing Sense
Hosted by a certified financial planner and investor, Investing Sense discusses the best ways to understand today’s financial and retirement landscape.

Planet Money by NPR
This podcast provides a laid-back approach to insights on the economy.

The Daily by New York Times
Get all you need to know about what's happening in the world today in two minutes flat. This daily soundbite is hosted by Michael Barbaro.

To learn more about our staff recommendations, check out some of our previously recommended podcasts for professional advisors.

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Supporting Your Clients’ Charitable Giving Changes

Here's how you can help your clients as they pivot their giving to better support their community.

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Charitable Giving Legislation in the News

Our response to the proposed Accelerating Charitable Giving (ACE) Act

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Beyond ESG: Sustainable Investment

Chief Investment Officer Shannon O’Leary participated in a global panel discussion on sustainable investment trends.

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How to Talk to Clients about Charitable Giving

Janelle J. Chambers, attorney for Chandler & Brown, Ltd., shares tips on how to best support your clients’ philanthropy.

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Non-cash Assets: More Than One Way to Give

Donating a non-cash asset is often more financially beneficial to both your client and the nonprofit they support. The tax benefits can be higher and the non-cash assets are often more valuable.

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Values-based Investing: What It Is and How We Do It

Chief Investment Officer Shannon O’Leary discusses how the Foundation’s investment strategy promotes equity.

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Top Five Reasons to Partner with a Community Foundation

Here are five unique benefits of working with a community foundation to reach one’s charitable giving goals.

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How to Have Conversations About Estate Planning

Tara Mattessich, shareholder at Larkin Hoffman, shares her tips and tricks for discussing philanthropy with clients.

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