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Attorney Jacqui Dorsey shares five reasons she values her work with the Foundation.

Jacqui Dorsey

By Jacqueline A. Dorsey

Jacqueline A. Dorsey is a Principal at the firm Hvistendahl, Moersch, Dorsey & Hahn, P.A. and previously served as a Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation Board member for 11 years.

I have partnered with the Foundation for many years in several different capacities. I was first introduced to the Foundation through my involvement with Women in Northfield Giving Support (WINGS).

At WINGS we are committed to engaging women in philanthropy in ways that strengthen our community by investing in the lives of women and youth. The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation holds and manages the funds that WINGS invests in the community.

I also intersect with the Foundation through my work as an attorney, where I focus on estates and trusts, real estate, and business law. My clients face many life events where developing a philanthropic plan is beneficial for multiple reasons.

In providing the best possible guidance, I have made numerous referrals to the Foundation. In doing so, I know I am putting my clients in touch with experts who can partner with them to develop giving plans that realize the visions they hold for their communities, families and legacies.

Whether you are an individual considering the benefits of working with a community foundation for your personal giving, an organization looking for a partner to grow an endowment fund, or a professional advisor seeking to provide the best possible support to your clients, the Foundation is a wonderful community partner to consider.

Here are five reasons I value my work with the Foundation.

1. Relationships Matter

I have found that those involved with the Foundation, from the staff to board members, have a genuine investment in and commitment to our community. The Philanthropic Services team is readily available for any question. In my experience, you won’t get this sort of personalized relationship working with a large for-profit institution.

2. Strong Investment Approach

The Foundation stewards funds under management with great care and intention. The organization has a knowledgeable Investments team guided by an experienced Investment Committee. I tell my clients that the Foundation has enough resources under management that it can invest in programs that other smaller firms may not have access to.

In addition to generating favorable returns, the Foundation is committed to Environmental, Sustainability and Governance practices and is a leader in the investment industry for promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

3. Commitment to Diversity and Equity

While the world has experienced a recent awakening on the importance of DEI, the Foundation had long been committed to equity; I’ve watched this commitment further develop since Dr. Eric Jolly became president and CEO of the Foundation. I appreciate working with and referring clients to an organization that is working to make Minnesota a place that works for all of us.

4. Flexibility

The Foundation offers several products. In particular, I appreciate the flexibility of the donor advised fund, or DAF, which has several benefits.

Opening a DAF is often much more convenient than writing a check and tracking multiple donations to many organizations. With a DAF, you make one gift to the Foundation, for which you can take a tax deduction, allowing you the flexibility to make several gifts to nonprofits whenever you’d like.

You can also put your appreciated stocks into a DAF, minimizing taxes and allowing you to support more organizations. Also, a DAF makes it easy to identify organizational beneficiaries and successor advisors for the future.

5. Connection to the Community

The Foundation works very closely with nonprofits and community leaders. Their knowledge of the community can be invaluable and help people maximize the contributions they want to make for causes they care about.

The Foundation is working to create an equitable, just and vibrant Minnesota where all communities and people thrive. It can be a wonderful partner for those who are also invested in this vision.

If you are a professional advisor, nonprofit organization or individual who might benefit from a relationship with the Foundation, please contact us and we will be in touch.

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