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Expand your clients’ giving options by partnering with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, the go-to place for non-cash asset donations.

Cash makes up only 7 percent of total wealth in the United States — but 85 percent of charitable gifts people make are in cash. Over 93 percent of wealth is held in assets other than cash. Stocks, real estate, farm equipment, artwork and more non-cash assets hold immense potential value for charitable impact.

Donating non-cash assets may provide multiple benefits to your clients while also allowing them to support causes they care about in a more significant way.

Your Go-to Place for Non-cash Assets

Figuring out how to donate non-cash assets is not always easy. Nonprofits often can’t accept assets in their original form. Donors don’t always have the time or expertise to transition their assets in a way that allows them to give.

Having a partner that can advise on, accept and process gifts of non-cash assets can allow you to provide expanded services to your clients — while increasing their satisfaction and ability to impact their community.

At the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, we have an experienced team that can process the following gifts:

  • Stock and Mutual Funds

  • Real Estate

  • Charitable Life Insurance

  • Farm Assets

  • Retained Life Estate

  • Virtual Currency, such as Bitcoin

  • Privately Held Stock

  • Retirement Assets

  • And More

Each asset is unique. We’ll consult with you and your clients to assess which assets might best suit their charitable giving goals. We will also work with you and your clients to determine the best giving method and then transfer the asset so that it can be used to fulfill your client’s philanthropic vision.

How We Support Donors Giving Non-cash Assets

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Donated Real Estate Turned into Community Resources

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Gifts of Grain

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Helping Your Clients Donate Life Insurance

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Read Top Three Ways to Use Retirement Assets to Support Charity

Retirement Assets

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Read Using Stock to Support Your Favorite Charities

Using Stock to Support Your Favorite Charities

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Non-cash Asset Training with Bryan Clontz

For more examples of how donors can maximize their impact with non-cash assets, watch a training presented by leading expert Bryan Clontz. In this webinar recorded earlier this year for the Foundation, Bryan shared several stories of creative charitable planning with non-cash assets.

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors regarding your individual situation before engaging in any transaction.

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