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Janelle J. Chambers, attorney for Chandler & Brown, Ltd., shares tips on how to best support your clients’ philanthropy.

Talking to your clients about charitable giving doesn’t have to be complicated.

According to Janelle J. Chambers, a lawyer at Chandler & Brown, Ltd., it can be as simple as making sure they are aware of their giving options.

Janelle learned the value of making philanthropy part of her practice from mentor and retired estate planner Robert “Bob” Chandler. Bob had a longstanding relationship with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation that spanned four decades. Before stepping down from his shared practice, Chandler & Brown, Ltd., he helped his clients open 100 funds with the Foundation.

Janelle recently sat down with Foundation Gift Planner Lisa Barton to share tips on how attorneys can support clients in incorporating philanthropy into their estate plan.

Watch the Video for Janelle’s Tips

  • Ask your clients open-ended questions. (0:57 sec)

  • Listen and allow the time and opportunity for your clients to share. (1:25 min)

  • Ask your clients about the topics and issues they care about to create a holistic and comprehensive plan. (2:28 min)

  • Come up with personalized plans specific to your clients and their philanthropic goals. (3:02 min)

  • Make sure clients are aware that they can include their philanthropy in their estate plan. (3:54 min)

  • Know how to be a part of your clients’ team and how to coordinate your plans with their other advisors (lawyer, financial advisors, etc.). (4:40 min)

  • Understand that your clients might not always be aware of their options. (6:01 min)

  • Make it a normal practice to talk about philanthropy. (6:54 min)

It’s been such a blessing to us as a firm to know that when we discuss these options with clients, we’ve got the perfect partner and resource in the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation.

Janelle J. Chambers

How We Support Conversations about Philanthropic Planning

Janelle is a member of our Cornerstone Council, an advisory group which provides a forum for professional advisors to learn more about the Foundation, while helping us learn how to better serve advisors and their clients’ philanthropic planning.

To see how the Foundation has partnered with other advisors, read more of our advisor spotlights.

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