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Jessica Lee Velasco is a mother, advocate, leader, organizer and activist who uses her platform to engage, encourage and empower her community in Worthington, Minnesota.

Whether it’s registering local processing plant employees for COVID-19 vaccinations or working with youth to help families fill out the Census, Jessica is leading the cause. Since moving to Worthington from Texas as a teen, she has made it her mission to serve her community, especially immigrants, youth and people of color.

As the daughter of a Mexican minister and factory worker, Jessica knows first hand how important it is to create spaces where all people are seen and heard. One of the ways she does this is by empowering and advocating for the city’s youth.

Advocating During Crisis

Since the pandemic, Jessica has helped lead various COVID-19 efforts. In her role as Greater MN Lead Organizer and Community Director for Navigate Unidos Minnesota, she has served as lead organizer on projects, policies and efforts such as COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, food distribution and labor advocacy.

I want to do my part in cultivating a society where we are all seen, heard and represented. I want my children and yours to know that they have the power to create change, and no one can take that away from them or their communities.

Jessica Velasco

During the course of the pandemic, Jessica’s family was personally hit by COVID-19. At the top of 2021, Jessica lost her first love and role model – her father. He recognized early her abilities to make a difference in the world.

In her work she carries with her the tenacity of her grandma to fight for immigrant families, the patience and calm of her mother, and from her father, the want and will to fight for community and those she loves most. Jessica’s current work includes pushing for the frontline worker pay, ethnic studies, and recently getting our communities to participate in the caucus process.


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