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Philanthropic advisor Shannon Gahagan and program officer Sharon DeMark share how our team's special collaboration can help inform your giving.

Here at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, our Philanthropic Services team and Community Impact team partner with each other to inspire generosity among our donors and support nonprofits throughout Minnesota and beyond.

“When we’re working with individuals and families who are trying to find organizations doing innovative, right-now work in our community, the philanthropic advisors at the Foundation work with the program officer team quite closely, because they are really the experts, and we like to be able to take advantage of their knowledge and having in-house resources,” philanthropic advisor Shannon Gahagan says.

“And then they know their donors,” Community Impact program officer Sharon DeMark adds.

“So it’s a great way for us to do some matchmaking, which is really exciting because I think for the nonprofits, they gain more supporters, more champions for their work, and for the donors, they find out about really interesting work that’s really community-based, that’s doing amazing work that they might not have known about.”

Learn more about why working with a community foundation like the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation offers unique benefits for our donors.

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