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As you make plans for your year-end fund contributions and grant recommendations, please keep in mind these important dates.

The end of the year is one of the most popular times to give to the causes you care about, especially with the growth of special giving days like Give to the Max Day and Giving Tuesday. There are also tax considerations that lead many donors to make contributions to their donor advised funds before the year ends.

We are here to streamline your charitable giving during this busy giving season.

As you make plans for your year-end fund contributions and grant recommendations, please keep in mind these important dates to ensure your gifts are completed this year.


Contact Your Philanthropic Advisor to discuss your year-end giving

November 15

Last day to participate in the Minnesota Community Investment Fund program related investment opportunity

November 25-26

Foundation closed

December 2

Last day to initiate mutual fund transfers

December 6

Last day to submit 2021 year-end grant recommendations

December 8

Last day to initiate publicly traded stock transfers

December 24

Foundation closed

December 31

Gifts and physical stock certificates must reach the office by 4 p.m. on 12/31/21 or be postmarked by 12/31/21

January 3

Foundation closed

Your Year-end Giving Questions Answered

Here are some timely answers to our most frequently asked questions about year-end charitable planning.

What is the Foundation's EIN Number?

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The EIN Tax ID for the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation is 41-6031510.

How do I ensure that my favorite nonprofits receive grants from my fund by December 31?

To ensure that your favorite nonprofits receive grants this year, please submit all grant recommendations by December 6 through the Donor Portal. Because of the volume of grants and our processing time, any grant recommendations made after December 6 may not get processed and mailed before the end of the year.

What about donating stock and mutual funds? How do I donate securities into my fund so I receive a 2021 tax receipt?

Many of our fundholders choose to donate appreciated, publicly traded stock or mutual funds. These kinds of gifts may provide an income tax deduction and could help you minimize capital gains tax.

In 2021, we ask all fundholders to initiate mutual fund transfers by December 2 and stock transfers by December 8 in order to ensure that they are received and processed in 2021. While the Foundation sells mutual fund and stock shares as soon as they are received, it may take some time for your gift to transfer to the Foundation. Please contact your Philanthropic Advisor or email us at for transfer instructions.

Contact your Philanthropic Advisor

Shannon Gahagan Headshot Shannon Gahagan

Philanthropic Advisor

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Aurea Gerard Headshot Aurea Gerard

Philanthropic Advisor

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Philanthropic Advisor

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Mai-Anh Kapanke Headshot Mai-Anh Kapanke

Associate Vice President of Philanthropic Services

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Program Manager, Community Affiliates Program (CAP)

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Director of Philanthropic Services

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Philanthropic Advisor

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