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Wilderness Inquiry provides access to the outdoors for everyone no matter their age, background and ability.

Inclusion is one of our main themes, and equity, and to really bring the outdoors to people that don't otherwise get there.

Greg Lais

Connecting to Nature

Since 1978, Wilderness Inquiry (WI) has served more than half a million individuals from all walks of life. Through outdoor adventures, students gain personal growth and an enhanced awareness of the environment.

WI provides the opportunity to see the natural world from a new perspective and teaches participants how to master their environment. In turn, students gain a sense of accomplishment and a deeper appreciation of the outdoors.


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Inclusion in the Outdoors

In addition to their adult trips, Wilderness Inquiry facilitates outdoor activities for urban youth, individuals with disabilities and other non-traditional users of public lands and waterways.

To me, it's about connecting people and having them really see the beauty of the natural world.

Greg Lais

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