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Louise Harris considers giving part of her genetic tapestry.

For more than 15 years, she has been creating eco-friendly art. All of the sales from her work go to charity, benefiting local, national and international organizations.

The Minneapolis Parks Foundation (MPF) entrusted the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations with their endowment late last year, in an effort to continue the great legacy of the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board.

When Sally and Karen traveled as a family to Guatemala two years ago, they were surprised at how quickly their sons, Sam and Joey, noticed and were saddened by the human struggles and injustices that many people in that region were experiencing. It was this experience that made the couple consider how they could involve their kids in their philanthropy – not decades down the road, but right away.

When Dave Wahlstedt reached out to our philanthropic advisors about giving in bitcoin, he knew he was going to the right place. His father had been giving through a donor advised fund with the Foundations, and he had experienced the value and creativity that our staff bring to the table.

True philanthropy is an act of grace that provides donors the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a future that they will not see. Much like sowing seeds whose harvest will feed future generations, generous members of our community help ensure that the future of the community is a brighter one.