Portrait of Chris Cheney

“Essentially I am a financial advisor for generous people, teaching them about efficient and effective tools to help others.”

Chris spent more than 10 years as an independent financial advisor helping his clients align their goals and finances with the right vehicles to accomplish their personal financial objectives. At the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations, he has a similar role, but with one key difference — he helps donors find the right vehicles to realize their desire to give to others.

Chris joined the Foundations in 2016 as a gift planner. He uses his expertise to help professional advisors and their clients find effective giving tools and make efficient decisions about how they want to make a difference in Minnesota communities.

A native of Saint Paul, Chris has degrees from St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota. Away from work, he serves on the board of the Terrill Foundation, which provides scholarship assistance to high school seniors and military personnel affected by a brain injury.

He enjoys playing “What else has that actor been in?” (a game routinely won by his wife while they watch movies together), cheering for their two boys on soccer fields and in the classroom, as well as playing in the Minnesota outdoors on lakes, soccer fields and broomball rinks.