Chris Elias

Christine Elias

Associate Vice President of Philanthropic ServicesCall team member at 651.325.4232

“Since I started my career as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, I have loved working directly within communities. Now I am fortunate to work with Minnesota's culturally diverse philanthropic communities.”

Chris helps engage donors who want to give back to their communities. She leads the partner relations team, which focuses on stewarding relationships with current donors, and the gift planning team, which engages new donors to support the important work of nonprofit organizations across Minnesota.

Chris joined the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations in 2014 because she wanted to work in a place-based organization where local resources serve local communities. Prior to joining the Foundations, Chris worked in several different national and international organizations, most recently as director of strategic communications at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

She received a bachelor's degree in education from Illinois State University and a master’s degree in international development from Cornell University. One of the joys of her life has been living and working in cultures outside her own: her Peace Corps experience, spending time with her grandparents in the town in Mexico where her father grew up, and numerous extended assignments throughout Africa.