We believe that strong communities

are built through knowledge and


Focusing our efforts to make an impact

To build community vitality and strengthen our communities, we focus our efforts and resources on the following: community connectedness; economic opportunity and security; education; health; housing and transportation; and human services and family support.

Community connectedness

Communities are stronger when all people from all races and cultures have the opportunity to become engaged in the community in multiple ways. We support efforts that build community connectedness and the opportunity for equitable participation in arts and culture, civic dialogue and engagement, community problem solving, nonprofit and philanthropic work, placemaking, and natural and built spaces where people live, work and play.

Economic opportunity and security

We look for ways to strengthen economic opportunity, security and equity for low-income individuals, families and the community through a variety of approaches with a focus on increased economic equity. In particular, we are interested in community development, supporting more effective workforce education and training, and creating good jobs and pathways to those jobs.


We seek ways to ensure access to high-quality educational opportunities for everyone, from cradle to career — especially through support for organizations that understand the distinct racial and cultural communities they serve. We also invest in efforts to ensure all children and youth have their individual educational needs met in preparation for a successful future.


We seek to advance health equity by increasing quality, affordable health services, particularly for low-income, uninsured, and under-insured individuals. We are most interested in organizations that understand the distinct cultural and racial communities they serve and create meaningful programs and services for those communities. Our concept of health is holistic in nature, meaning that we support direct services and education addressing chemical, mental, oral and physical health including investments in community-based clinics with culturally specific models.

Housing and transportation

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations fund housing in two ways. The first is our commitment to preserve and increase affordable, quality housing for low-income residents. Second, we support efforts to end homelessness through investments in prevention and in safe and respectful services that demonstrate understanding of distinct cultural and racial communities. We also fund increased access to equitable transportation options and benefits.

Human services and family support

We support efforts to help the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community to be safe, stable and independent. We invest in organizations that build on the strengths of at-risk families and meeting their basic needs in ways that demonstrate an understanding of the distinct racial and cultural communities being served.