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Fund Types to Help You Provide Support Forever

Some of today’s biggest accomplishments are the result of the forethought and dedication of those who came before us. When you give perpetual support to your favorite causes or nonprofits, you become part of the next generation making an enduring impact.

Designated Funds

Choose the charities you want to support, and we will issue annual grants to those nonprofits — forever.

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Field of Interest Funds

Identify a charitable purpose (e.g., the arts, education) and/or a geographic area. We will find effective nonprofits and ensure that annual grants align with your intent.

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Unrestricted Funds

Make a permanent investment in the quality of life across the state. Every year, your legacy will make grants to worthy nonprofits addressing emerging and changing community needs.

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I decided I would like to give everything away. I always knew at the very least I wanted to make sure I was always donating 50 percent to charity in my passing, and then it really became more about ‘let’s just donate it all'.

Louise H., donor

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