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Explore the Benefits of Opening a Donor Advised Fund

The popularity of donor advised funds (DAFs) has skyrocketed in recent years. In 2019, grant giving through DAFs totaled $23 billion nationwide.

DAFs are flexible giving tools that offer significant benefits of convenience and impact — but you may have questions about if a DAF is right for you and your specific charitable giving goals.

In this on-demand 20-minute webinar with Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Services Jeremy Wells, you will find out:

  • Why donor advised funds have grown in popularity as a charitable giving tool
  • Their benefits (including convenience, potential tax savings and family engagement)
  • How a DAF compares to a private foundation
  • How to determine if a DAF is right for you

Learn from an Expert

Jeremy Wells, Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Services for the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, has over 20 years of partnering with donors and their professional advisors to make the most impact with their charitable dollars.

Jeremy on bench

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