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Fund Types to Help You Engage Your Family

One of the most rewarding benefits of giving is when you can share the experience with others. Your philanthropy can be a path to educate the next generation about the value of giving, engage your biological or chosen family in giving together, or continue your legacy for generations.

Donor Advised Funds

This simple tool provides you with the flexibility to make grants to the causes and organizations you care about. Our online donor portal allows you to manage your giving and tax receipts.

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Designated Funds

Choose the charities you want to support, and we will issue annual grants to those nonprofits — forever.

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Field of Interest Funds

Identify a charitable purpose (e.g., the arts, education) and/or a geographic area. We will find effective nonprofits and ensure that annual grants align with your intent.

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Generosity for Generations

George and Judy M. have four children and nine grandchildren. Japanese heritage and family-centered gatherings inspire their generosity and help them direct their donor advised funds.

Each of the grandchildren, with their parents’ help, chooses a nonprofit for their grandparents to support. George and Judy then join them in visiting the organization.

Together, three generations learn about a variety of organizations and the people served, making each act of giving a personal one.

Seeing your values passed on to your kids and grandkids, finding ways to multiply the impact—as grandparents we can’t ask more.

Judy M., donor

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