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Measuring connection and community

Data can reveal many things about a place. But the way a community functions is more nuanced than numerical. Do all of our neighbors experience the same connections and engagement within their community? Statistics show us one layer of connection. When we dig deeper and look at how East Metro residents feel about their community schools, how many of us know our neighbors, and how some of us feel about our economic stability, interesting trends emerge.

We hope East Metro Pulse will inform and guide policy makers, funders and local leaders to find opportunities to learn, champion important issues and create new networks that will benefit our community.

East Metro Pulse Volume 2 Highlights

 Volume 2 is now available



East Metro residents who responded to the household survey



Think of the East Metro as a place where they belong.



Nearly 19,000 data points available from the survey


No Concerns

Less than a third of respondents reported having no housing related concerns.

Diving into data

Below find results from East Metro Pulse Volume 2.


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About the Team


Wilder Research

Staff and independant contractors involved in this project



Mary Kay Bailey and The Woke Coach, LLC


Use the links below to view the East Metro Pulse Volume 1&2 report and the complete survey data book.

Volume 2 Report

Take a look at a sampling of data revealed by our survey.

PDF File
Volume 2 Data Book 

Dig deeper into data with a full listing of all survey responses.

PDF File
Volume 1 Report

Highlights from our 2016 East Metro Pulse Suvey.

PDF File
Volume 1 Data Book

Full survey responses from our 2016 East Metro Pulse survey.

PDF File
Three elementary school children play a game of Scrabble at a table in a school hallway with an adult

Data for Your Community

What could East Metro Pulse could mean for your community? How could this new resource impact your work? Contact Nadege Souvenir, vice president of Operations and Learning, to learn more.