Five Star Community Foundation

About the Foundation

Founded in 1996, The Five Star Community Foundation was established by representatives of Lucan, Seaforth, Vesta, Wabasso and Wanda communities to benefit the citizens of these areas to build a sense of community and serve future charitable and cultural needs.

Our Mission

Create, encourage and support the development and maintenance of various charitable activities, community projects, assist in humanitarian and educational endeavors, to build a strong vibrant quality of life by converting tax dollars into community assets.

How The Five Star Community Foundation Makes a Difference

Since being founded, The Five Star Community Foundation has awarded over $80,000 in grants to support various community projects in Lucan, Seaforth, Vesta, Wabasso and Wanda communities. These community projects include community center renovation, wellness center improvements and equipment for the fire department.

Contact Us

Visit our website or email Jerry Eichten.

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Your contributions make our work possible. Support the Five Star Community Foundation and ensure our community has funding for years to come.