Freeborn County Communities Foundation

About the Foundation

Created in 2002, the Freeborn County Communities Foundation was established by a small group of local citizens to provide a way for area residents to give back to the community. The Foundation works to promote a high quality of life within Freeborn County.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, businesses and organizations, the growing endowment is able to provide support to a variety of worthy causes, including education, health, culture, environment and social opportunity. The Foundation has a family of funds, including the Kenneth W. Olson Foundation, which gives donors flexibility and variety in their giving options.


How the Freeborn County Communities Foundation Makes a Difference

The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations, educational programs, local government and faith organizations serving the entire Freeborn County community. Past recipients include the Albert Lea Public Library, which used the money to establish its young adult area. Demonstrating its commitment to education, the Foundation recently funded the AmeriCorp Promise Fellow program in the local middle school, a leadership training initiative for youth at risk.

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