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Do you want to help your favorite causes thrive and wish you had more to share?

Donating goods such as real estate, privately held stock or farm equipment allows you to make a significant impact on your favorite causes.

While cash is the most common charitable gift, donating goods or other assets are often more beneficial to both nonprofits and donors. Many options can provide income during your lifetime or significant tax benefits — or both.

At the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, we’ve been helping Minnesotans give non-cash assets to support their favorite causes for more than 80 years.

Explore the Many Ways to Give

Our experienced staff can help you and your advisors determine which gift is right for your personal situation. Call 651.224.5463 or email us at to get started.

Read Gifts Of Stock And Mutual Funds

Gifts Of Stock And Mutual Funds

Gifts of stock, appreciated stock or mutual funds can make an ideal charitable gift for both the donor and the nonprofit.

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Read Gifts Of Real Estate

Gifts of Real Estate

Real estate can be used to create a significant charitable legacy. It is one of the most beneficial charitable gifts for both the donor and the nonprofit.

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Read Privately Held Stock

Privately Held Stock

Incorporate giving into your business transition plan by donating privately held stock.

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Read Farm Assets

Farm Assets

Gifts of crops, livestock and machinery can make excellent assets to donate.

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