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Explore Our Donor Advised Funds

Top 3 Reasons

Why a donor advised fund might be right for you:
Provides a flexible way to organize your charitable giving.
This is helpful if you give to many nonprofits throughout the year.
You’ll receive an immediate charitable gift tax deduction the year you open the fund.
And you can make gifts at your convenience for years to come.
We support you every step of the way.
Whether you’d like to strategize, or prefer a hands-off approach, your dedicated philanthropic advisor will work to meet your needs.

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Who We Are

We are a community foundation that works with donors to invest and distribute charitable dollars to serve the needs of the community.

Why Work With Us?

Perks and Benefits
  • Work with a philanthropic advisor who provides concierge-level guidance and advice
  • Attend donor-only events, with opportunities to hear and learn about local and emerging topics
  • Rely on a trusted and experienced investment team, generating strong returns
  • Gain access to online tools, such as a donor portal and donor toolkit



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