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About the Foundation

The Hibbing Foundation reflects the generosity of hundreds of donors and local businesses. The Foundation serves as an umbrella for 44 funds designed to serve and benefit the Hibbing community. It works by establishing and administering independent, community-supported endowment funds. Contributions to the Foundation may be used for sponsored projects, especially its commitment to preserving the community’s cultural heritage—the Iron Range represents a diversity of ethnic groups whose ancestors endured the hard work of the local mining industry. It is the Foundation’s vision and mission to further that legacy.

The Foundation’s family of funds includes many flexible funds that provide donors with the option of directing their charitable dollars toward their favorite causes and local nonprofits. A group of Hibbing High School alumni and community-spirited individuals established the Hibbing High School Foundation in 2001 that supports the arts, athletics, activities and academics. The Foundation also organizes several scholarship funds for college-bound graduates of Hibbing High School, nonprofit endowment funds for the Hibbing College Foundation and the Greyhound Bus Museum, a donor-designated endowment fund for the Hibbing Children's Library, and many other ways of sustaining Hibbing’s excellent quality of life.

How the Hibbing Foundation Makes a Difference

Founded in 1993, the Hibbing Foundation was the first community fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation to raise more than $1 million in one year. In all, the Foundation has awarded nearly 1,400 grants totaling more than $1.7 million with preference given to programs that foster the community’s education, civic engagement, health, economic development and cultural heritage.

In 2017, the Hibbing Foundation High School Auditorium Fund made its largest grant in the amount of $25,000 to help support the HHS Auditorium Restoration Project.

The Hibbing Foundation and the Hibbing High School Foundation continue to recognize nonprofit of school service club organizations that continue to make a difference in Hibbing. These organizations receive a surprise grant award and plaque noting their outstanding service.

Mission statement

To enhance and improve the quality of life in the Hibbing area and encourage others to do the same. To develop, as fully as possible, the financial resources needed to proomote the cultural, educational, civic, wellness, environmental and economic assets of the Hibbing community.

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Visit the Hibbing Foundation website or email Jennifer Hoffman at jhoffman0919@gmail.com.

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