There is no one right way to be a philanthropist - only your way.

Philanthropy that meets your goals

Your goals as a philanthropist are unique to your personal, community and financial situation. The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations can help you achieve your vision for your giving.

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Maximize your flexibility with a donor advised fund.

If you give to many nonprofits throughout the year, donor advised funds provide a flexible and inexpensive way to organize your charitable giving. You receive a charitable gift tax deduction the year you give to the fund. We handle all the accounting, legal and investment services so that you can focus on the most rewarding part of philanthropy - supporting the causes that matter most to you.

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Inspire future generations with a bequest.

Bequests are the simplest way to provide lasting support. To set one up, name The Saint Paul Foundation or Minnesota Community Foundation in your will or revocable trust. The estate will receive a tax deduction for the gift.

Provide for loved ones and community through a beneficiary designation.

Beneficiary designations are a way to provide for the financial needs of your children while establishing your enduring legacy. Options include life insurance, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, charitable lead trusts and real estate. Name The Saint Paul Foundation or the Minnesota Community Foundation as a beneficiary and help provide for future generations.

Invest in the community’s changing needs with an unrestricted gift.

Unrestricted gifts make a permanent investment in the quality of life in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. Every year, your unrestricted fund will make grants to worthy nonprofits addressing emerging and changing community needs. Our forward-thinking foundations will continue to reset community priorities as needed.

Support an issue or topic you’re passionate about with a field of interest fund.

Field of interest funds let you identify a charitable purpose, such as the arts or education, or a geographic area. We will find effective nonprofits and ensure that annual grants from your fund align with your intent.

Support specific charities through a designated fund.

Designated funds provide long-term support to one or more charities that you name so that those organizations receive continued and reliable funding. You choose the nonprofits to support; we issue annual grants made in your name, now and forever.

Support tomorrow’s youth through a scholarship fund.

With a gift of $25,000 or more, you can choose the high school, major and recipients' special circumstances. We will monitor your fund closely to ensure your giving intent is respected. For gifts of $1 million or more, you can opt for a managed scholarship fund. We work with you to appoint a selection committee and partner with Scholarship America for scholarship promotion and management.

Streamline your corporate giving through a corporate donor advised fund.

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, corporate donor advised funds make community giving simpler. Your organization recommends the grant recipients, with optional counsel from our expert staff. We handle everything else.

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