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The Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund (MDRF) for coronavirus funded both short- and long-term needs that arose within communities as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. Fund contributions were directed to local community foundations, Minnesota Initiative Foundations and intermediaries. Funds were then distributed by the community foundations or intermediaries.

Grants Announced

The Minnesota Council on Foundations (MCF) in partnership with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation has awarded five grant rounds from the Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund (MDRF) for coronavirus. In total, the MDRF supported 93 organizations and awarded over $11.4 million.

Read more about each grant round:

Quick Facts About the Fund

Funds were distributed by community foundations, Minnesota Initiative Foundations or intermediaries for needs that arose for individuals and families due to the impact of coronavirus. This may have included nonprofits seeing increased demand for services or struggling due to social distancing recommendations; and small businesses that have interrupted operations.

  • 100% of fund contributions were distributed to grantmaking organizations for disaster recovery efforts in the state of Minnesota
  • Any remaining MDRF funds will be dedicated to recovery efforts for future disasters in Minnesota, after all coronavirus needs are met
  • No fees were taken by either the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation nor the Minnesota Council on Foundations for this work
  • Funds went directly to community foundations, Minnesota Initiative Foundations or other intermediaries that have an existing grant-making process in place

In times of need, the generosity of Minnesotans can be counted on to support community-led solutions for those who are vulnerable and at-risk in our state. As Minnesotans face risks associated with the coronavirus, that generosity will again be deployed through the Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund.

Eric J. Jolly, Ph.D., president and CEO of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

Advisory Committee

The MDRF Advisory Committee was comprised of cross-sector community leaders from throughout the state of Minnesota with experience in disaster recovery and/or philanthropy. Members were charged with discernment of timely emerging disaster recovery needs, in addition to holding the authority for fund allocation recommendations.

Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation representatives on the Advisory Committee included President & CEO Eric J. Jolly, Ph.D.; and Senior Director of Community Impact Carrie Jo Short.

View the press release announcing the Fund, which lists funders and the advisory committee members.

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