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Hear stories from people across the state on how they are facing the challenges of this present moment with Hope, Resilience and Generosity.

Keeping Child Care Doors Open

Barbara Yates, president & CEO of Think Small, shares how rapid grantmaking to family child care providers helped them stay open for essential workers and get needed supplies. Think Small is also gathering stories and reaching out to providers to understand how they’re coping.

“Child care providers… are the true heroes in this,” she says. “They have stayed open in numbers that are allowing essential workers to work and maintain their child care. It’s not easy.”

Listening to the Asian Minnesotan Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Asian Minnesotan community in numerous ways. Bo Thao-Urabe, co-founder & executive and network director of the Coalition for Asian American Leaders (CAAL), shares how they have responded to increased anti-Asian sentiments and found new ways to support leaders and nonprofits.

“Listening to the community is really what gives me hope about how we’re going to get through this," she says.

Investing in Minnesota’s Future

For the last 20 years, College Possible has dedicated itself to helping low-income and first-generation students attend and graduate college.

College Possible Minnesota Executive Director Geoff Wilson shares how the COVID-19 pandemic has only made coaching more personal for the organization, which is using its tech-connected program to reach students while social distancing.

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Investing in Minnesota’s Future

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Keeping Child Care Doors Open

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Investing in the Asian Minnesotan Community

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