New Ulm Area Foundation

About the Foundation

Established in 1987, the New Ulm Area Foundation was created by Henry N. Somsen in memory of his wife, Anne Duncan Somsen. A retired New Ulm attorney, Somsen endeavored to set an example with his charitable giving. He hoped to attract similar gifts from those sharing his passion for the New Ulm community and its excellent quality of life.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals, families, area businesses and charitable organizations, the Foundation is now a flourishing community endowment. Today, the Foundation focuses on four areas of importance to the local community: arts, economic development, education and historic preservation. Every spring and autumn, the Foundation’s volunteer board reinvests the Foundation’s earnings by providing grants to nonprofit organizations that benefit the greater New Ulm community.

Our Mission

The mission of the New Ulm Area Foundation is to address the needs of the community by growing the Foundation and providing financial grants.

How the New Ulm Area Foundation Makes a Difference

To date, the Foundation has enhanced local quality of life in all four of its areas of focus. The Foundation supports the arts with funding for concerts and plays; economic development with signs for empty storefronts and improvements to the historic downtown; education with youth leadership training and academic mentoring programs; and historic preservation with improvement of historic monuments and buildings. Most recently, the Foundation worked with local community groups and made its first-ever large grant for the construction of a new soccer complex.

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