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Resources for Nonprofits during COVID-19

With the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic, new funding sources and resources have emerged. We have gathered a resources page for nonprofits. It details our foundation's response and grantmaking updates, as well as additional funding opportunities and other community resources. This page will be updated as new resources are identified.


We care deeply about the success of the nonprofit sector and its ability to implement community-led solutions.

In addition to our grantmaking, we offer resources to help our nonprofit partners across the state build capacity to fulfill your mission.

Our foundation partners with Catchafire to offer Minnesota nonprofits a way to connect with volunteers who can provide expertise and complete short-term projects for nonprofits in a variety of areas.

Catchafire is an online platform that matches skilled professional volunteers with nonprofits to help them increase their capacity and achieve their missions. Through Catchafire, nonprofits can schedule a phone call with an expert in a particular field or have volunteers complete a project. Project examples include creating a new logo, developing a marketing or fundraising strategy, database training, financial planning or budgeting.

Since April 2018, our foundation has made it possible for hundreds of nonprofits across the state to access Catchafire. In the program’s first 16 months, nonprofits have gained tremendous value through the short-term projects and calls, with services adding up to more than $1 million in value through Catchafire.

This experience has been wonderful for our nonprofit. To have our promotional materials professionally done and to have someone take the time to update our volunteer handbook is wonderful.

Dawn L. Selle, Hallie Q. Brown Community Center Director of External Affairs

In the First Year


matched on a Catchafire project or call


between grantees and volunteers

total hours

volunteered by professionals for grantee projects/calls

Interested in Catchafire?

In our second year, we are offering Catchafire resources to nonprofits around the state of Minnesota.

Is your nonprofit organization interested in using the Catchafire platform? Contact Dustin Moretz at 651.325.4208 or by email to learn more about this capacity building resource.



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