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Building Community Capacity

Building Community Capacity Grant Guidelines


As we prepare for a transition to a new Grant Portal called GranteeView this summer, all outstanding final reports for existing grants are waived.

Informs, Forms, Benefits

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation believes that our community should not only benefit from our work, but inform and form it as well. Creating solutions to today’s issues requires a collaborative approach. Our work is also rooted in a commitment to racial equity.


The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation is proud to serve and fund Saint Paul’s East Metro region, which is defined as Dakota, Ramsey and Washington counties. We will consider grants from organizations based outside the East Metro that serve a significant number of individuals in these three counties, and we will direct our resources only to the East Metro aspects of the work. Capital grants are limited to projects located in Dakota, Ramsey and Washington counties.

Types of Grants

Our current grant opportunity includes funding for general operating support for the whole organization, support for a specific East Metro serving program or project, and capital support.

General Operating Grants

These one-year grants provide flexible funding for the overall operations of nonprofits in which at least 50% of the organization’s service benefits residents in the East Metro.

Program / Project Grants

These grants are designed to provide support for a specific program or project serving residents of the East Metro. The Foundation will consider proposals for established and/or new programs/projects.

Capital Grants

These grants are designed to support your organization’s investment in buildings, facilities and equipment. Foundation investments are typically limited to buildings owned by nonprofits or held by long-term lease agreement. These grants are generally paid over multiple years.

We will consider capital grants in Round 2 of 2022 for projects located in Dakota, Ramsey and Washington counties for:

  • Renovations/repairs
  • Land acquisition
  • Construction costs
  • Technology hardware and software
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Appliances


Transitioning to a new Grant Portal system requires a large testing and data migration effort, which necessitates freezing our current system for a period of time. To ensure that we can still deliver critical funds into the community during this process, we completed a one-time transitional grant round in Round 1.

Round 1, Transitional Grant Round

The 2022 Round 1 cycle will be a transitional round. It will open in January to selected grant recipients who received grant awards in 2020 or 2021. Only grantees who received a grant in Round 1 of 2020 (May), Round 2 of 2020 (November), or Round 1 of 2021 (May) will be eligible to be selected to apply for a grant in Round 1 of 2022. Not all eligible grantees will be selected to apply. In addition, grantees who were notified of a grant award in Round 2 of 2021 will not be eligible for Round 1 of 2022.

Round 2, Open Grant Round

Round 2 will open in the summer of 2022 and will use our new Grant Portal, GranteeView. This round will be open to all nonprofits that meet our current grant guidelines, with the exception of those who received a grant in Round 1 of 2022.

Grants can be made to 501(c)3 organizations, education or governmental units and religious institutions. Grants can also be made to groups working through an eligible fiscal sponsor.

Current & Past Grant Status

Current grantees are eligible to apply for funding that would begin after the end of their current grant period. Nonprofits who have received three years of consecutive funding are eligible to apply for a grant. Questions? Please email a member of our Grant Team.

Areas of Community Vitality

We support work that addresses at least one of six areas of community vitality. Data and our experience suggest that the following elements play key roles in community health and vitality.

Community connectedness

Creating opportunities for equity in arts, civic dialogue, community problem solving as well as supporting natural and built spaces where people live, work and play

Economic opportunity and security

Strengthening support for low-income individuals and families through community development, workforce education and training and creating sustainable employment pathways


Exploring high-quality educational opportunities for everyone, from cradle to career, and more equitable access for racial and cultural communities


Increasing health equity through quality, affordable health services, particularly for low-income, uninsured and under-insured individuals

Housing and transportation

Strengthening our region through affordable, quality housing, addressing homelessness and investing in equitable transportation options and benefits

Human services and family support

Meeting basic needs for individuals and families, helping them be safe, stable and independent

Grant Requests Not Accepted

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation will not consider grant requests for support of:

  • Sectarian religious programs or organizations
  • Work by an individual
  • Capital projects located outside Dakota, Ramsey and Washington counties
  • Programs not primarily serving residents of Dakota, Ramsey and Washington counties

Important Dates

Round 1 – Transitional Grant Round: Grant applications for the 2022 Transitional Grant Round, Round 1, opened on Jan. 4, 2022, and closed at 3 p.m. on Jan. 11, 2022.

Round 2 – Open Grant Round: Grant applications for the 2022 Open Grant Round, Round 2, will open in the summer of 2022.
Eligibility: Nonprofits that meet our general grant guidelines will be eligible to apply, with the exception of those who received a grant in Round 1 of 2022. Grant awards will be disbursed by December 2022.

  • December 2021: Notification of change to 2022 Grantmaking
  • Mid-Dec 2021: Selected nonprofits will be notified to apply for Round 1
  • Jan 4, 2022: Round 1 Grant Applications open
  • Jan 11, 2022: Round 1 Grant Applications close at 3 p.m.
  • April 1, 2022: Round 1 Grants will be awarded
  • Summer 2022: Round 2 will open (final dates will be announced in late spring 2022)
  • December 2022: Round 2 Grants will be awarded

Contact Us

Before applying, all interested applicants are encouraged to email a member of our Grant Team to ensure that your grant fits the requested need.



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