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J. C. & L. A. Duke Employees' Assistance Fund

About the Fund

The J. C. & L. A. Duke Employees’ Assistance Fund assists current and retired 3M employees and their families who have experienced a financial hardship as a result of a catastrophic illness or accident.

Grants from the Duke Fund are designed to:

Help recipients achieve self-sufficiency and/or return to the workplace

Provide transitional assistance

Improve the quality of life for the employee and their family

Grant Criteria

Who Can Apply

The applicant must be:

An active employee of 3M U.S.A.

On a leave of absence from 3M U.S.A.

A person who retired from 3M U.S.A. within five years of the date of application, or who suffers from the effects of a catastrophic accident or illness that occurred within five years of retirement

An immediate family member applying in the name of a 3M U.S.A. employee who has died within the last five years, or

An individual applying on behalf of a 3M U.S.A. employee who is unable to apply on their own behalf because of physical or mental incapacity. If an application is submitted on behalf of a living 3M U.S.A. employee, it must be authorized in writing by the applicant or their guardian

Selection Criteria

The applicant must have experienced a combination of the following factors:

Financial hardship as a result of a catastrophic illness or accident

Lack or depletion of benefits available through the 3M Benefit Plan, personal benefit plans and/or other resources

In addition, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that a grant will substantially assist them in overcoming all or a portion of the adversity. Awards will be made without regard to race, creed, color, gender, individual marital status, religion or national origin

How to Apply

We strongly encourage you to speak with our staff before preparing an application.

Contact our staff

Once you’ve spoken with us, you can complete both the Application Form and the two Authorization to Release Information forms and return them to the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation via mail, fax or email.

Application Checklist

Application form

Authorization to Release Information form

Brief letter explaining crisis

Most recent paystub

Most recent 401k/3M savings quarterly report


Email, mail or fax application materials to:

Derek Taylor
Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation
101 Fifth Street East, Suite 2400
Saint Paul, MN 55101-1800

Office: 651.325.4260, ext. 3



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