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Katherine B. Andersen Fund

Contributions from Mrs. Andersen during her lifetime established the Katherine B. Andersen (KBA) Fund of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation.

About the KBA Fund

Described by those who knew her well as an “informed, opinionated, decisive, non-traditional, intensely curious, and deeply caring woman,” Katherine B. Andersen was a visionary donor and a community builder who took great care to invest in others’ dreams and passions. Contributions from Mrs. Andersen during her lifetime established the Katherine B. Andersen Fund of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation.

For many years after her passing, Mrs. Andersen’s trusted advisors directed grants from her fund to support issues close to her heart. Recently, with the passing of the last advisor, the KBA Fund was entrusted to the Foundation to fulfill remaining commitments made by her advisors and to envision ongoing grantmaking opportunities.

It is with great respect that the Foundation continues Mrs. Andersen’s tremendous and unique legacy of generosity. As the permanent stewards of this fund, the Foundation will honor her commitment to being flexible and responsive to emerging needs.

What the Fund Supports

The KBA Fund will continue to honor Mrs. Andersen’s legacy including supporting ways to improve access and equity for marginalized people, including women, young people, older Minnesotans and people with disabilities. It may also support issues she cared about, specifically education, science, health and the environment.

Mrs. Andersen was an innovative, hands-on problem solver and often an explorer and early adopter of new ideas. As a scientist herself, she was willing to test new theories and approaches.

The KBA Fund will also be directed to support evolving community needs in the spirit of her philanthropic approach. Specifically, the KBA Fund will prioritize organizations and programs that are:

  • Innovative, with a focus on emerging trends and promising ideas
  • Progressive, inclusive and responsive, with a specific focus on people experiencing emergencies and/or those in marginalized communities
  • Dedicated to prioritizing care and social connection

Grantmaking Process

A significant portion of the KBA Fund will be allocated through the Foundation’s Building Community Capacity grant program, which has two open grant rounds every year. No separate application is required.

Discretionary grants may be made throughout the year and will be considered in cases where the application strongly fits with priorities outlined above. This discretionary grantmaking process will be announced in 2023.

Get in Touch

If you have questions about the KBA Fund, contact a member of the Grant Team. You may also sign up for our newsletter below to stay up to date with grant announcements.



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