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Types of Funds

Nonprofit Fund Options

We manage hundreds of nonprofit funds that provide organizations with a stable income stream for generations to come.

Each situation is unique, so we offer different types of funds to meet your organization's needs.

Nonprofit endowment funds

These funds use charitable gifts to build an investment designed for growth. The endowment’s earnings flow back to your nonprofit as stable annual income.

Classic Endowment Fund

Minimum Fund Size: $25,000

Assets are permanently held by the Foundation.

Endowment Fund With Exceptions

Minimum Fund Size: $250,000

The nonprofit board may retain the right to request to terminate the fund and request the return of the assets and/or request additional amounts above the spending policy set by the board of the Foundation.

Nonprofit provisional funds

This type of fund is a simple and effective way to take advantage of our professional investment services while building a robust short-to-mid-range funding source, ideal for operating reserves.

Minimum Fund Size: $250,000

Funds can be used when and how your nonprofit sees fit; they remain secure, under our stewardship, until an organization needs them.

Designated Funds

These investments are initiated by donors to benefit one or more nonprofits or educational institutions. Designated funds provide long-term support so that your organization receives continued and reliable funding. Designated funds ensure that each gift has maximum impact.

Minimum Fund Size: $25,000

Assets are permanently held by the Foundation.

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If you’d like to learn more about how any of these funds could work for your organization, contact a member of our team today.

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