Saint Louis Park Public Schools Foundation

About the Foundation

The Saint Louis Park Public Schools Foundation (SLPPSF) is run by a board of directors, consisting of community members, many of whom have children who have finished or are in Saint Louis Park schools. There are approximately ten directors although the constitution and by-laws allow for more. The board is supported by volunteers who contribute time and effort for specific purposes.

SLPPSF maintains two funds, one an endowment fund and the other an operating fund. The endowment fund provides for long-term support while the operating fund is used for annual grants and operating expenses. SLPPSF works closely with the Saint Louis Park Community Foundation but does have a separate purpose.

The Saint Louis Park school district has over 4,200 students, beginning with Early Childhood and Family Education and ending with the senior high school. These students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring to their schools a broad array of languages, skills and talents.

Our Mission

To enhance the learning for the students of Saint Louis Park Public Schools.

How the Saint Louis Park Public Schools Foundation Makes a Difference

The Saint Louis Park Public Schools Foundation funds over $40,000 of projects each year in the schools that would otherwise not be provided due to budget constraints.

SLPPSF has providing funding for programs in the areas of Art, Math, Reading and Career development. We are a diverse school district that manages to win national awards for quality, largely because of involvement of people in the community like you.

Contact Us

Visit the Saint Louis Park Public Schools Foundation website or email Peter Levy.

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Your contributions make our work possible. Support the Saint Louis Park Public Schools Foundation and ensure our community has funding for years to come.