Sowing seeds of change

Creating lasting legacies in the community through philanthropy

Friends: American author Neil Postman wrote in the introduction to his first book, "Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see."


True philanthropy is an act of grace that provides donors the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a future that they will not see. Much like sowing seeds whose harvest will feed future generations, generous members of our community help ensure that the future of the community is a brighter one.


Since 1947, donors of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations have helped build community by sowing seeds of change.


Last year alone, Minnesota Community Foundation donors awarded more than 4,500 grants totaling more than $18 million to nonprofits from Chisholm to Zumbrota, to support causes that ranged from renovating a school auditorium to making adult basic education accessible to prison inmates.


Donors of The Saint Paul Foundation have established more than 1,000 funds since the inception of the Foundation. These funds serve East Metro needs that range from helping women achieve higher education degrees to assisting immigrant communities with economic development.


In 2016, our donors and those of 17 community foundations around the state who partner with us — including Twin Cities suburbs such as Shoreview and Greater Minnesota communities such as New Ulm — helped ensure a brighter future in 62 of Minnesota’s counties through their generosity.


In this edition of our MNSights e-newsletter, learn more about how the Foundations, our donors and our community affiliates are creating lasting legacies in the community through philanthropy.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can sow seeds of change in your community through charitable giving, we invite you to contact one of our gift planners. They are experts poised to help you identify ways to create your own unique legacy.