We are bold, trusted, inclusive – and now we look the part.

We are the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations.

When The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation came together to be supported by a single, knowledgeable staff and board, it made everything more efficient and effective – but slightly more difficult to communicate.


We tried a new brand – Minnesota Philanthropy Partners – but realized this did not reflect our true strength, which has always been in Saint Paul and Minnesota. So last November we returned to our roots as The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundations. We are excited to share the next iteration of our brand, which we feel is a true reflection of who we are – a trusted, bold and inclusive organization that inspires generosity and invests for good.


Elevating the North Star within our brand represents our clear focus and direction, as well as our role as community conveners, bringing people and dollars together to move us closer to a Minnesota that works for everyone.


To continue to be efficient and effective, we combined The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation websites into one, easy-to-use hub for everything our donors, nonprofits, community organizations and partners need to work with us, and for anyone interested in strengthening their community to learn how we can help. You can still access the F. R. Bigelow and Mardag Foundation websites as well.


We are the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations. We believe in the best of Minnesota and the power of its communities. With roots in Saint Paul and partners across the state, we are Minnesota’s largest community foundation and the partner of choice for thousands of donors, nonprofits and community organizations. We inspire generosity to make Minnesota better for all who call it home.