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Established in 2007, the Foundation’s Facing Race Awards honor Minnesota’s anti-racism activists who work tirelessly to change the narrative on race and create communities where everyone feels safe, valued and respected.

Meet Our 2020 Award Recipients

Valerie Castile headshot

VALERIE CASTILE is the CEO and president of The Philando Castile Relief Foundation, which works to help victims who have been affected by gun and police violence. Valerie eliminates racism and its effects by educating the public — including community groups, youth, police and elected officials. And it’s all done in memory of her son, Philando.

Resmaa Menakem headshot

RESMAA MENAKEM is a healer, author, therapist, self-described cultural trauma navigator, communal provocateur and coach. He has served in leadership positions at African American Family Services, the Wilder Foundation, as a certified Military and Family Life Consultant for the U.S. Armed Forces, as a trauma consultant in public schools and as a Cultural Somatics consultant for the Minneapolis Police Department.

Alex Miles headshot

ALEX MILES is a recent graduate from the Twin Cities Academy. He is one of the founding members of the Racial Justice Club — an organization he felt was essential to making sure all students felt safe and valued. This year, Alex expanded his efforts outside of the school by engaging with community resources and organizations, extending his reach and his message. And he has made a difference.

Leslie Redmond headshot

LESLIE REDMOND is the current president of the Minneapolis NAACP chapter, and the youngest president in the organization’s history. For the past three years, Leslie has worked with the chapter on elevating the Black community while pursuing a law degree and an MBA. She challenges the issues of mass incarceration, housing discrimination, health disparities and opportunity gaps for the poor and Black communities.

2019 Award Recipients

2018 Award Recipients

Past Award Recipients Facing Race

Past Facing Race Honorees

  • R. James Addington
  • Rev. Carolyn Arnett
  • Susan Ault
  • Russel and Sarah Balenger
  • Lou Bellamy
  • Elizabeth A. Campbell
  • Satveer S. Chaudhary
  • Robert L. Crawford
  • Ouida Crozier
  • Joann daSilva
  • Lucila Dominguez
  • Mahmoud El-Kati
  • Dwayne Gibbs
  • Metric M. Giles, I
  • Jennifer Godinez
  • Donna Hauer
  • Bukata Hayes
  • James H. Heck, Ph.D.
  • Delores Henderson
  • Barbara Corti Herrmann
  • Ange Hwang
  • Taneeza Islam
  • Pamela James
  • Dr. Josie Johnson
  • Eric J. Jolly, Ph.D.
  • Angelique Kedem
  • Nathaniel Abdul Khaliq
  • Helen Kivnick
  • Velma J. Korbel
  • Gary W. Y. Kwong
  • Dr. Ghafar Lakanwal
  • Nekima Levy-Pounds
  • Jan Mandell
  • Monty Martin
  • Dr. Cecilia Martinez
  • Corinth Matera
  • Jada Sherrie Mitchell
  • Rajean P. Moone, Ph.D.
  • Ellen O'Neill
  • Margery K. Otto, J.D.
  • Oluwaseyi Daniel Oyinloye
  • Steve Pederson
  • Herbert (Okogyeamon) A. Perkins, Ph.D.
  • Thien-bao Thuc Phi
  • Lawrence T. Potter, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Nieeta L. Presley
  • Jack Reuler
  • A. Lori Saroya
  • Lupe R. Serrano
  • Rev. Paul Slack
  • T. Gregory Stavrou
  • Mihailo Temali
  • Justin Terrell
  • Dr. Anton Treuer
  • Michelle A. Villanueva
  • Chaun Webster
  • Paul Williams
  • Hli Xyooj
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