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I So Appreciate You! launches in November. This new podcast is an honest, raw, funny, and uniquely insightful account of two leaders sharing behind-the-scenes work conversations on both office and cultural topics.

But this isn’t just office talk.

From discussions laced with their love of food, travel and fashion to heartfelt conversations about leading as women of color, Nadege Souvenir and Pahoua Yang Hoffman seek input from each other and their guests as they examine how the workplace can best respond to today’s challenges while raising questions that few are comfortable asking out loud.

Together, their perspective covers myriad issues and opportunities faced by values-based organizations and leaders during this time.

Join Nadege and Pahoua as they take on the questions and see why appreciation is at the core of their friendship.

About Our Co-Hosts

Nadege and Pahoua, both transplants to Minnesota, are colleagues at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. Whether connecting on a work issue, comparing notes on a new restaurant or discussing pressing issues in our community, they found that they always closed their conversations with, "I so appreciate you." This is the sentiment they extend to their listeners and guests as they explore topics together in this new show.

Nadege Souvenir Headshot
Nadege Souvenir

Nadege (she/her) serves as Senior Vice President of Operations & Learning for the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. In her role, she oversees Grants Administration, Human Resources and IT. Nadege also leads the Foundation’s learning and evaluation efforts, including the East Metro Pulse community vitality survey. Nadege joined the Foundation in 2016. She has a background in dance, arts administration and law.

Twitter: @NadegeJoseph

Instagram: @NadegeJoseph

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Pahoua Yang Hoffman Headshot
Pahoua Yang Hoffman

Pahoua Yang Hoffman (she/her) serves as Senior Vice President of Community Impact. In her role, she serves as chief strategist for grantmaking and community impact at the Foundation. In addition to managing relationships with the organization’s two client foundations, the F. R. Bigelow Foundation and Mardag Foundation, she also assists the Foundation in areas of public policy and community engagement, and advises the CEO on statewide strategic leadership.

Twitter: @Pahoua

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About the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

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The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation believes in the best of Minnesota and the power of its communities.

With roots in Saint Paul and partners across the state, it is Minnesota’s largest community foundation and the partner of choice for thousands of donors, nonprofits and community organizations.

The Foundation aspires to create an equitable, just and vibrant Minnesota where all communities and people thrive by inspiring generosity, advocating for equity and investing in community-led solutions.

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