5 tips to help your clients prepare for end of year giving

We’re here to help you and your client meet your year-end goals

Your clients deserve the best, and we are here to provide just that.

No other organization helps donors achieve their philanthropic goals quite like the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. For decades, we have partnered with professional advisors like you to ensure that individuals, families and businesses have the best tools to support the issues, organizations and communities they care about.

You don’t have to be a charitable expert for your clients—we are here to be your philanthropic partner. Below you will find five tips to make year-end giving easier for your clients.

  1. If your client is transferring stock to an organization, make sure those stock transfers happen early, preferably by mid-December. To ensure your client receives a receipt and is thanked for their contribution, notify them to include all documents verifying that their gifts are stock gifts.

  2. A donor advised fund is a great tool for donors because it gives them the flexibility to support the causes and organizations they care about during their lifetime. Our team of experts offers concierge-level service, allowing your client to open up a donor advised fund within one day to expedite the process for their year-end giving.

  3. The Foundation can help you facilitate the donation of complex gifts, including cryptocurrency, real estate and privately held stock, and make the process easy for your clients.

  4. Remind your clients to take their minimum required distributions from their IRA. Donating these distributions to charity can be a great way for your clients to invest in causes they care about.

  5. Encourage your clients to have conversations with their families to make year-end giving fun and meaningful; consider creative giving ideas like sponsoring a family, volunteering, etc.

At the Foundation, we treat your clients like our own. Our team of experts are here to help you. Put our expertise to work for you. Contact one of our gift planners today.