Zumbrota Community Trust

About the Foundation

The Zumbrota Community Trust is an outgrowth of the Zumbrota Community Foundation, which was established in 1947. Over the years, the Foundation funded many worthwhile Zumbrota projects such as the swimming pool, hospital, golf course and park. It also managed money which was given in wills and bequests by individuals to benefit the community.

The Trust was given great impetus by Robert Langsdorf (a Zumbrota native) who, in his will, gave approximately $750,000 to the Zumbrota Community Foundation to be managed by the Minnesota Community Foundation. Thirty percent of the income from the Langsdorf investments is managed by the Zumbrota Community Trust. Each year a gifting committee meets and considers applicants from the area who have applied for grants.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Zumbrota Community Trust is to establish, grant aid to and promote activities, organizations and individuals whose purpose and intent is to engage in projects of social, moral, educational and benevolent nature to benefit the citizens of Zumbrota, the Zumbrota/Mazeppa school district and the four contiguous townships.

How the Zumbrota Community Trust Makes a Difference

Some $327,000 has been dispersed into the Zumbrota area since the Langsdorf gift in 2001. The Zumbrota Community Trust is honored to be part of this heritage of generosity. In addition to the Langsdorf funds, The Trust may be called upon to invest and manage other monies given to the community for either designated or undesignated charitable purposes. The Trust also acts as an umbrella for local nonprofit volunteer organizations.

Make a Donation

Your contributions make our work possible. Support the Zumbrota Community Trust and ensure our community has funding for years to come.